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Induction Hardening and Tempering Integrated Production Line
Induction Hardening
Induction hardening is a heating process and through rapid cooling to improve the hardness and mechanical strength of steel.
For this reason, the steel is heated to a temperature slightly above the upper limit and then cooled rapidly (depending on the properties of the steel) in a cooling medium such as oil, air, and water.
Usually used for induction hardening of steel containing carbon content from 0.3% to 0.7%
Induction Heating and Quenching Advantages:
1. Able to heat a specific part of the workpiece
2. To achieve frequency control and heating time
3. To achieve cooling control
4. Energy efficient
5. Control and positioning heat treatment
6. Can be integrated workpiece processing production line
7. Improve performance and save space

Induction hardening can be done in two different ways:
Static: Include the inductor section to set up and perform the operation without moving the part or inductor. This operation is very fast, even for parts with complex geometries, can also be very precise positioning of the processing area.
Scanning: Includes continuous operation of the part, moving the workpiece or inductor. This means that a workpiece with a large surface and a large size can be handled.
For the same workpiece, with the static way items, the scanning mode requires less power, but the time is longer.

Tempering is a process that reduces the hardness and strength while increases toughness of hardened steels, also eliminating tension generated inside the workpiece.

The traditional tempering system heating the workpiece for a while and then allowing them to cool slowly.
Induction Tempering Advantages:
1. In this process with a shorter time
2. Precise temperature control
3. Integration of upstream and downstream production lines
4. Energy efficient
5. Saving area
6. Improve environmental conditions

Hengjin nduction hardening and tempering integrated production line with a high level of automation, with the workpiece on the upstream and downstream equipment communication, to achieve the entire assembly line automated production. Production line equipment is energy saving and the hardening and tempering with better performance.

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