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Dual-frequency Induction Heating Method of Gears----Hengjin Gears Induction Hardening Machine
1 Principle of Dual Frequency Induction Heating
The successful development of SCR inverter can more conveniently obtain the requested frequency, so it provides the possibility for the method of switching from single frequency induction heating to two more than one frequency combination heating.
1.1 Principle
In order to evenly heating the surface rugged workpiece, it has been envisaged in two different frequencies of induction heating. Depending on the shape of the workpiece and the eddy current penetration depth, the optimum frequency of low frequency is used to improve the temperature of the workpiece concave, the high frequency increases the temperature of the bulge part of the workpiece so that the workpiece obtains the uniform temperature.
The original dual-frequency induction heating and single-frequency heating can obtain high hardening quality. But it is difficult to grasp the control of frequency conversion time as the key parameter which makes the tooth surface heated more evenly. In fact, it often takes several trials to determine, so it is inefficient. And to use two high-frequency transformers, frequency conversion timing is difficult to adjust when inaccurate. In addition, the gear modulus and the contour size limitations.
1.2 New Dual-Frequency Induction Heating Method
The new dual-frequency induction heating method can replace the traditional single-frequency and original dual-band induction heating device, especially for the high accuracy of gear, high productivity heat treatment. This dual-frequency induction heating uses only one induction coil, which can rotate in continuous or intermittent currents at different frequencies, so that the workpiece is heated evenly. Although the flow at a very short interval of time at different frequencies of current, but with two different frequencies coincide with the effect of heating, you can adjust the tooth bottom, tooth surface temperature. Compared with traditional methods, productivity and control performance have improved markedly.
Characteristics of dual-frequency induction hardening of gears.
Compared with the traditional high frequency overall hardening, there are the following characteristics:
(1) The tooth surface, the tooth bottom heating evenly;
(2) Tooth surface, tooth bottom heating depth is easy to control;
(3) Tooth surface, tooth bottom cooling rate evenly;
(4) Shortening the heating time;
(5) The deformation of the parts is small when heat treatment;
Because the heating depth is small, energy saving and efficient.

Hengjin Induction has many years of experience in the field of gear hardening, through technology upgrades and innovative development of dual-frequency gear ring induction hardening machine using a new generation of high-power dual-frequency induction heating power supply. The machine is suitable for single parts and bulk parts induction hardening production. Learn more about the solutions of induction heat treatment in gear hardening field.

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