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The Function and Characteristics of Induction Heating Transformer

Induction heating transformer is mainly used for medium or high-frequency induction heating, bending, welding, hot rolling, heat and other induction heating, for the frequency power supply for buck, isolation and impedance matching. Its main application in the induction heating process, the basic principle of induction heating is to put the workpiece in the inductor, when the inductor through the alternating current, the inductot around the current frequency with the same alternating magnetic field, in the workpiece corresponding The ground produced an induced electromotive force, in the workpiece surface to form the induced current, that is, eddy current. This eddy current in the workpiece under the action of resistance, the electrical energy into heat, so that the surface temperature of the workpiece reaches to the heating temperature, can achieve surface hardening. Hengjin Induction high-frequency high-power induction heating transformer, with a flexible ratio of adjustable, compact structure, good coupling, leakage inductance is small, easy to use and other characteristics, according to the required power, frequency, water cooling requirements and other conditions, Can be applied to intermittent work or continuous work.

Induction Heating Transformer

Hengjin Induction Heating Transformer

Structural characteristics: induction heating transformer by the shell structure of the single core, the core coil are water cooling measures, the coil with the overlap, turns more than the change, the original vice can be arbitrarily combined into the odd even turns ratio to adapt Different conditions of different load matching.

Induction heating transformer working conditions: the use of occasions need to have cooling water, cooling water shall not have mechanical impurities. Transformers put into operation, not water, it is recommended to use recycled water.

Induction heating transformer manufacturing process: the transformer side of the original use of high-quality shaped copper tube around the outer package with asphalt mica tape and PTFE film, the use of a new curing process, to ensure good insulation between the layer and the layer. The whole impregnated insulation, and equipped with aluminum shell cover to protect the water and dust intrusion.

Strict factory inspection and test: each transformer has been experienced 3kV for one minute test, from the assembly to the factory, each has been also experienced 0.4MPa hydraulic test to ensure product quality.

Hengjin Induction is focused on induction heating, induction hardening areas of high-tech equipment business. We can offer customized solutions according to the requirements of the end user induction heating transformers, and our transformers can replace any import or domestic induction heating transformers.

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