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Bar Heating Production Line_Hengjin Induction Bar Heating Solution

Bar heat production line is a complete set of heating equipment. Its role is to heat the entire bar to a certain temperature, can be used for heating forging, heating upsetting, heating stamping and other follow-up process.

High quality standards of bar heat production line has the following characteristics:
1. After heating, the bar is good quality, to achieve the required temperature requirements of the follow-up process, through heat evenly, less oxidation and decarburization, bar burning rate is low;
2. Bar induction heating production line is fast heating speed, can improve production efficiency;
3. Bar induction heating production line thermal efficiency is high, relative to the traditional way of heat can save energy consumption;
4. Bar induction heating production line creates a good working conditions, a high degree of automation, operation and maintenance convenient;

5. Bar induction heating production line noise is low, the equipment to meet environmental requirements.

Hengjin Induction is focus on induction heat treatment equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance services. Hengjin induction heat production line can be automated bar material delivery, the heating speed is fast, less oxide layer, energy saving and environmental protection advantages.

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