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Application of Induction Heating Surface Hardening on Automobile Gear - Shiyan Hengjin Induction

Carburizing treatment is currently the main heat treatment hardening method for heavy duty gears for automobiles and tractors. However, after this treatment of parts processing is not high, because the thickness of the crown will produce radial and end deformation.

Each gear of the gear is inductively heated and then cooled and quenched, and the wear resistance of the gear is no less than that of the carburized treated gear.

The most complicated process for induction heating surface hardening is to ensure a fixed clearance between the inductor and the hardening surface. Through the precise positioning control, to ensure that the inductor and the gear hardening surface of the gap to maintain a certain range of error. In order to achieve a uniform thickness of the hardened layer along the contour of the tooth surface, the speed of the surface to be machined with respect to the inductor during hardening should be smoothly changed from the maximum value at the top of the tooth to the minimum. The use of moving inductors from a tooth top through the tooth to reach the next adjacent tooth top, so that the work surface is very narrow area is heated and cooled, this continuous hardening of the tooth surface method has significant technological advantages.

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