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Machine Tool Parts Induction Heating and Quenching Characteristics and Advantages - Hengjin induction hardening machine

At present, the hardening method of machine tool parts adopts induction hardening. In the foreign machine tool manufacturing enterprises, the proportion of parts with induction heating and quenching has reached more than 70%. Various types of steel and cast iron parts with different shapes and sizes for high frequency induction heating: gears, double gears, triple gears, spur gears, helical gears, spindle and mandrels.

It is of great significance to select the current frequency correctly when induction heating. The thickness of the hardened layer shall be determined by the conditions of use of the part and its shape and size. In the need for hardened parts, the largest number of gears, worms and other parts.

Induction hardening machine is characterized by strong versatility. Various parts (gears, shafts, mandrels, spindles and etc.) made of different steel materials can be quenched in different induction schemes on induction hardening machines.

Spray cooling parts for continuous quenching;
Direct oil cooling or water cooling continuous quenching;

Parts are heated at the same time into the coolant after quenching.

The use of induction heating and quenching has the following advantages:
1. Parts induction heat treatment process is perfect, can guarantee to improve the reliability and service life of the machine;
2. Improve the operating conditions of heat treatment workers and improve labor productivity;

3. Improve the heat treatment of gears, shafts and other parts, while reducing energy consumption.

For the characteristics of the machine tool industry parts, Hengjin Induction developed a shaft induction hardening machine, guide rail induction hardening machine, chuck automatic induction hardening equipment. Click to learn more about Hengjin in the machine tool industry induction hardening solutions.

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