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Application of Induction Heating Surface Hardening on Gear Tooth - Hengjin Induction Heating
The progress of the mechanical manufacturing technology to engage in induction hardening process and equipment work of the technical staff put forward more and more problems. To solve these problems, we must develop new technology and equipment and the use of new technology.

Gear is to withstand various types of load while working, in order to improve the parts in a variety of service conditions under the strength and life, the heat treatment put forward a number of specific requirements. For example, as long as the surface of the hardened hard layer to obtain high hardness can improve the surface wear resistance. For heavy duty gears, increase the gear tooth contact area that is close to the pitch diameter of the hardened layer. Straightening along the tooth profile and tooth root will increase the bending fatigue strength of the gears operating under alternating loads. The hardened layer is broken at the root of the tooth or the hardened layer of the root is too shallow to produce stress concentration. It is very dangerous. The main problem to be solved is the choice of operating heating frequency and quenching method, quenching method for the development of inductor made a very high demand. Special design inductor can be perfect imitation tooth groove shape hardened layer, which is related to the workpiece in the path of the eddy current.

Induction Hardening of Gear Teeth

Induction Hardening of Gear Teeth

In the field of gear induction hardening, Hengjin Induction can provide customers with: single-tooth gear hardening, the overall gear hardening, large gear hardening solution. The whole induction hardening equipment includes: transistor induction heating power, operation machine, equipment cooling system and control system, can achieve all the gear tooth induction hardening process automation.

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