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Spline Shaft Parts Induction Hardening and Tempering-Hengjin Induction Heating Process
Many spline shaft parts using induction heating surface hardening, replacing the traditional quenching and tempering heat treatment, can reduce energy consumption. However, most of the spline shaft induction heating is still used in the furnace for low temperature tempering process. In fact, the spline shaft induction heating into its internal, the use of this part of the heat on the surface hardening layer itself to temper, to cancel the furnace low temperature tempering is entirely possible.
After the heating and cooling process is stopped, the surface of the part reaches a maximum temperature after a certain period of time. We generally refer to their own tempering temperature refers to the maximum temperature. Self-tempering process is not at a constant temperature, but in a certain temperature range, sustainable for several minutes. Most spline shafts require a hardness range of HRC 48 to 58, which is often used in the furnace tempering process.
The residual stress distribution of the spline shaft induction heating and quenching layer is different from that of the general shaft. Due to the presence of tensile residual stress in the spline part, especially the spline near the root to reach the maximum, often lead to spline cracking. It is advantageous to improve the tempered temperature in order to reduce the residual tensile stress of the spline. Taking into account the spline required to wear, should maintain a very high hardness, when the tempering temperature between 250 to 300 degrees Celsius, due to the precipitation of highly dispersed martensite carbides, martensite specific capacity reduction. Therefore, we selected the spline shaft itself tempering temperature of 250 to 270 degrees Celsius, spline parts of the residual stress close to zero, can effectively prevent spline cracking. The spline shaft is changed from tempering to tempering in the furnace, and the quality is stable. There is no quality problem of spline cracking, and the equipment load is reduced and the energy is saved.

According to the characteristics of the workpiece in the automotive industry, Hengjin Induction has developed a series of induction hardening for automobile axle, gear, constant velocity universal joint housing, wheel bearing type and so on. Click to learn more about the automotive industry parts heat treatment solutions.

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