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Induction Heating Coils Customization _Heating Inductor Application _Shiyan Hengjin Induction
Induction heating can be used to heat the metal parts to the specified temperature for the following processes: forging, heat treatment, pipe heating, brazing, stress relief, annealing and so on.

With proper design, the induction heating process can be improved to reduce downtime, improve quality and reduce energy costs. On older equipment, replacement only parts are highly economical.

The success of any induction heating application is directly related to the selection and design of the induction heating coil (or inductor). This design is affected by many factors, including the size and configuration of the components to be heated, the type of heat treatment required, the unit is a single shot heating or scanning heating, and the size of the available power. Most scanning applications use inductors. The inductor is usually a machined copper structure with a precise size.

Induction Heating CoilsHeating Inductor

Induction Heating Inductors

Hengjin Induction uses many innovative inductor design and manufacturing technology, according to our R & D engineers experience, to achieve the normal heating of the product. Provide your heat treatment problems to our most effective solutions. The inductors are designed by our team of engineers, internally manufactured, offering high quality products at competitive prices. Click to learn more about inductor customized solutions.

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