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European Induction Hardening and Induction Heating Technology Development History Background-Shiyan Hengjin Induction
The development of induction hardening in Europe is based on unique technical and economic conditions. The labor force is an economic condition. In the 1960s, about 3 million foreign workers entered federal Germany due to the lack of labor, and other European countries employed foreign workers. In addition, as the main user of induction hardening equipment, the automotive industry, the impact is not too great. These two factors contributed to the investment in highly automated production equipment.
High-priced fuels are another factor, and all European countries are heavily taxed on gasoline and diesel. The European automotive industry's response to this is to provide small, medium-power engines, which increases the maximum speed of light vehicles. Because of the popularity of this vehicle, the only limited speed, coupled with the efforts in security, and thus manipulate the driving safety of the car has been developed. Which contains the engine and rear axle parts of the amount of heat treatment work. In addition, due to the development of induction hardening technology, expanding foreign trade and lead to high sales, but also can not be ignored factors. These conditions make the production of highly automated machine tools, especially the induction hardening machine to make the sale of high-load parts with good economic benefits.
The depth of induction hardening is usually less than 1 inch. A patented method solves this problem by increasing the content of alloying elements in steel, especially nickel. This requires austenitizing the required depth, which will inevitably lead to overheating of the workpiece surface area. Thus, after quenching is performed so that the hardened tissue is obtained at the desired depth, a cold treatment is performed again so that the retained austenite in the surface region is converted into martensite.
The stress distribution of the surface hardened steel is characterized by compressive stress on the surface, while the surface of the fully quenched steel is tensile. Mounted on the electric locomotive axle bearings, when the current through the small defects to be expanded, but in the compressive stress tends to close. This shows that this type of induction hardened bearing life than conventional quenching bearing long reasons.

Hengjin Induction early introduced  the European induction heating patented technology, on the basis of the technology upgrade, creating a meet the conditions of China's induction hardening technology, and access to a number of national patents. Induction hardening equipment, high automation, mass production for parts with good economic benefits.

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