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Ring Chain Induction Heating Automatic Continuous Hardening and Tempering Process-Hengjin Induction
Ring chain is a single chain bending scraper conveyor main parts, its bulk large, quantity, quality requirements, interchangeability requirements, is one of the key parts of the transport aircraft. Heat treatment is one of the key processes to improve the quality of the element chain.
The original heat treatment process, the main use of box-type electric furnace and furnace-type electric furnace, the production of the ring chain, a single ring for the hardness of the ring is almost the same, for the whole chain, the hardness of each ring there is a great difference. Heating temperature is inconsistent, the cooling rate is not consistent, so the processing out of the ring chain consistency is very good, affecting the quality of the product.

The use of medium frequency induction heating automatic continuous hardening and tempering equipment, the ring chain to a certain speed in turn through the heating inductor and tempering inductor.

From the hardness distribution, the intermediate frequency continuous hardening and tempering ring chain shoulder hardness is high, the two straight edge hardness is low, which not only increases the hardness of the ring chain, without increasing the weld and heat affected area of brittleness, to meet scraper transport operation requirements.

Intermediate frequency continuous hardening and tempering has the following characteristics:
1. Can be automatically continuous hardening and tempering;
2. Heating temperature uniformity, stability, product interchangeability is good;
3. Due to the short induction heating time, the decarburization of the workpiece is less and the austenite grain is fine, so as to get a good quenched structure.
4. Quenching with water cooling, cooling is intense and uniform, can improve the hardenability;
5. With its stress conditions consistent with the special hardness distribution, so that its strength, toughness, elongation have reached the best level;
6. Reduce staff, reduce labor intensity, improve efficiency.

Hengjin induction developed the induction hardening and tempering series of complete sets of equipment, heating evenly, hardening / tempering consistency, and can achieve automatic continuous hardening / tempering, a high degree of intelligent equipment.

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