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Study on Induction Heating and Quenching of Gear Coupling - Hengjin Induction Heating
Drum gear coupling in the high-speed, heavy-duty machinery has been widely used, with no axial movement, transmission balance, shock and noise and noise characteristics, but the processing process is more complex, the original heat treatment spline using nitriding treatment.
In order to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, in ensuring the quality of the premise of the product, the gear coupling induction hardening test.
Test using CNC induction hardening machine, heating inductor and the gap between the workpiece evenly, the use of scanning heating.
After quenching the internal spline of the workpiece, the outer drum tooth hardness are in line with technical requirements, the internal spline, the outer drum teeth were crack detection, no cracks.

After the induction hardening of the gear coupling spline, the outer drum-shaped teeth for deformation detection, deformation is small, in line with technical requirements. Effective hardening layer depth, all meet the technical requirements. Metallographic examination is fine martensite, the organization level meets the standard requirements. Compared with the carburizing process, the production cycle can be shortened, and the production efficiency can be improved and the production cost can be reduced.

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