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Deep Induction Heating and Quenching Process for Automobile Parts - Hengjin Induction Heating

In recent years, induction heat treatment process to two aspects of development. First, the carbon or medium and low carbon steel with a rectangular inductor heating hardening, such as for bending, torsional fatigue load parts, the second is the carbon steel or high strength cast iron high frequency electric heating quenching to improve the parts The abrasion resistance or contact fatigue strength.

Appropriate deep induction heating quenching, can improve the parts to withstand bending, reverse the strength of the load. The mechanism can be explained by the fact that induction hardening can increase the hardness or strength of the part at the proper depth and produce a large residual residual compressive stress in the hardened layer. The stress on the part subjected to bending and torsional loading is greatest and the stress of the center is close to zero. Therefore, these parts in the surface layer without strengthening the treatment, often starting from the stress surface of the largest cross-section began to crack, then, under certain conditions, the crack at a speed to expand until the break or failure. After the surface depth quenching, the yield strength of the hardened layer is improved, and the ability to prevent the crack is improved. For the local stress concentration of the workpiece, such as keyway, fillet, diameter parts of the induction hardening, strengthening effect is particularly evident.

The following three knuckles, ball pins, three pin three parts, discusses the mass production of high-quality induction hardened parts of the three conditions, which is mainly to strengthen the process.

1. Parts of the structural design is reasonable, to adapt to the characteristics of induction hardening process;
2. Correct selection of steel, heat treatment process, sensors and quenching equipment; in order to get the required hardness and hardened layer depth, and the process is good, low cost, we must first correctly use steel. The use of current frequency, specific power and heating temperature, which is the main link to get good tissue and proper hardened layer depth. Design of suitable inductors, especially at the same time heating quenching sensor, is to ensure that the parts are heated, spray hardened after a good organization, as well as the higher residual compressive stress and the key requirements of the hardened area.
3. In order to maintain the surface hardness of carbon steel parts and residual compressive stress, while reducing the grinding cracks and improve mechanical properties, should be used low temperature tempering.

4. Reasonable arrangements for quenching before and after the processing sequence, the correct control of processing quality. It is best to quench the quenching site before quenching, quenching as soon as possible without grinding, or strictly control the grinding process. Grinding, if grinding speed, cooling state, wheel quality and other improper, will make the surface residual pressure reduction, or to produce grinding cracks on the surface. It is best not to straighten the quenching. Straightening will reduce the local surface residual compressive stress, control can also occur when the surface cracks and pressure off.

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