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The Role and Purpose of Gear Induction Hardening - Hengjin Induction Gear Induction Hardening Solutions
In recent years, with the gear manufacturers continue to improve the technics, brought a variety of improvements, such as low noise, lightweight, low cost and high carrying capacity, making the gear in the high-speed and high torque under the least heat. Not all gears are suitable for induction hardening, external helical spur gears, worm gears, internal gears, racks and sprockets are typical induction hardened gear parts. In contrast, bevel gears, hypoid gears and non-circular gears do not use induction heat treatment.

Compared with carburizing and nitriding, induction hardening does not require the overall heating of the gear. By induction hardening, heat can be applied externally to a specific region, causing the region to produce the desired phase change (e.g., tooth profile, tooth root and tooth top selective hardening) and have little effect on the rest of the area. According to the application, the tooth hardness range is generally 42 ~ 60 HRC.

One purpose of gear induction hardening is to obtain fine grained martensite layers at special parts of the gear to improve hardness and wear resistance. But will not make the rest of the heat treatment. The increase in hardness also increases the contact fatigue strength, and at the same time enhances hardness, abrasion resistance and obtains fine grained martensite layers, it is possible to use inexpensive medium and high carbon steels or low alloy steels to replace the more expensive high alloys steel.

It is not always possible to obtain an all-martensite layer, and depending on the variety of the steel, the hardened layer inevitably has retained austenite (unless a low temperature treatment is used). This is especially true for steel and cast iron with high carbon content.

Another purpose of gear induction hardening is to increase the compressive stress on the gear surface. This is important because it helps to suppress the generation of cracks and also prevents the decrease in bending fatigue performance caused by tensile stress. The use of this steel, so that its original microstructure and gear conditions (including load conditions and operating environment) determines the required surface hardness, core hardness, hardness, gear strength and residual stress distribution.

Hengjin Induction is a high-tech equipment manufacturing enterprise specializing in induction hardening heat treatment. In the field of gear induction hardening, Hengjin can provide multiple sets of solutions for gear single tooth, gear entire teeth  and multiple station induction hardening.

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