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Analysis of factors influencing induction hardened layer of large modulus gears

Hardening is divided into surface hardening and single shot hardening, heating of surface hardening induction heating. Rapid heating induction heating is the heat treatment process, parameters such as velocity, current penetration depth and workpiece material, quenching medium, deep hardening depth for the phase transition temperature, kinetics of phase transformation and formation of the organizations have a great deal of influence.

Production in the, for induction quenching artifacts material components, while, determine induction quenching machine power heating frequency, and output power, and induction device mobile speed, and induction device clearance, parameter to control heating speed and current through into depth; on the, quenching cooling media, and spray got device of cooling capacity control quenching through depth, through adjustment two a aspects of factors to achieved design requirements of quenching hardening layer depth.

1. technical requirements
Production of parts for eccentric gear with large diameter and structure as shownin Figure 1, gear ring gear and eccentric body-part, ring gear made of 45 steel, the production process for gear tooth surface of quenching and tempering. Surfacehardness required 48HRC, hardened to 3~5mm to meet the gear contact strengthof tooth root bending strength and fatigue resistance.

According to the test data can be seen, with decreasing frequency, current penetration increases, according to hardness requirements, if current frequency to below 8000Hz.

(3) 45 steel quenching medium shapes the simple parts can directly use tap wateras quenching medium temperature is 18~50℃, with continuous quenching method, quenching continuous heating and cooling. 45 ° angle of spray cooling spray device the workpiece.

3. results and analysis
Adjusting parameters meet the technology requirements of gears hardened test specimen, control variables, with 6 groups of test sample gear marking 57~62, testparameters as shown in table 2.

(1) compared label for 57 and 58, and 60 and 62 of two group test data for analysis, known quenching cooling media temperature on quenching hard layer of effect, performance for quenching cooling media temperature in 20~50℃ Shi, quenching hard layer depth with quenching cooling media temperature of reduced and increases, and induction layer depth of changes range in 0.12~0.428mm, and this a range with induction device mobile speed of speed up and increases.

(2) the marking of comparative analysis of 59 and 60 of the data, the results show that the quenching power output when power's influence on hardened layer, as power increases 13.5kW, hardened to increase 0.6mm.
Due to induction heating mainly by sensors of skin effect for induction heating of the parts, in the Eddy current on the surface of the workpiece, the closer to the surface, the higher the temperature. When the power output increases, the vortex of energy, heat faster, and locations within the relatively high temperature of the workpiece, thus quenching temperature. But in practice, too much power will cause thesurface temperature is too high, has a tendency to increase the quench cracks.

(3) the marking of 59 and 61 of the data indicating the impact speed of the sensorcase. Quenching in a row, when the sensor movement speed increased 50mm/min,hardened layer will decrease by about 1mm, exhibit the great speed, induction heating workpiece, workpiece speed directly affects the current penetration of mobile speed heating time, select the appropriate speed to ensure the sensors currentpenetration depth and meet the requirements of the hardened layer depth.

4. concluding remarks
For a power supply output power, frequency, speed sensors, cooling medium composition, temperature and other parameters have certain influence on hardened layer depth, only lessons many times in production, adjust the appropriate processparameters, in order to ensure the production of appropriate hardening and crack-free of artifacts.

Through a series of test analysis and a summary of test data for 45 steel surface induction-hardening of large modulus gears, speed choice between 120~150mm/min the sensor, device power selection in 39~45kW and device frequency 4200Hz, quenching medium temperature control 20~40℃, 3~5mm thick hardened layercan be obtained.

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