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Why does Li Keqiang Propose Industry 4.0?

Up to 110 of the "Sino-German Cooperation Action Plan" today officially announced, which covers the political, economic, cultural, agricultural, industrial, civilized and so on the outline of the "Industrial 4.0 cooperation" content is quite remarkable.

"Premier Li Keqiang at this time referred to the cooperation of industry 4.0, means that China's industrialization and information technology in the development of the strategy to promote the integration of the two faster." Chinese Academy of Engineering, former vice president, academician Wu Hequan said, China is very useful, to promote the economic and social development has important value.

The so-called industry 4.0 is based on the different stages of industrial development. According to the current consensus, industrial 1.0 is the era of steam engine, industrial 2.0 is the electrification era, industrial 3.0 is the information age, industrial 4.0 is the use of information technology to promote industrial change in the era, that is, intelligent era.

This concept was first introduced in Germany, in April 2013 at the Hanover Industrial Fair officially launched, its core purpose is to improve the competitiveness of German industry in the new round of industrial revolution in the occupation.

"Industry 4.0 One of the future projects identified by the German government's high-tech strategy 2020 is part of the German national strategy." Assistant researcher and researcher Huang Yanghua of the Institute of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told reporters that Germany has launched such a strategy to worry about In the rapid development of the world, the German small and medium enterprises may not keep up with the hope that such a strategy to the German small and medium enterprises and large enterprises together into the new stage of world economic development.

Today, Germany will take this strategy out, willing to work with China to innovate, and better use information to accelerate the transformation of the industry.

Among the Sino-German cooperative action platforms signed by China and Germany, there are four articles on cooperation in industry, and the first one expresses the digitization of industrial production ("Industrial 4.0") is of great significance to the future Sino-German economic development The The two sides believe that the two governments should provide policy support for enterprises to participate in the process.

According to this outline, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research will establish the "Industrial 4.0" dialogue. For the two countries in the field of voluntary, equal and mutually beneficial cooperation to build a platform.

Not only that, China and Germany also agreed to work closely on the issue of standards, the "Industrial 4.0" issues into the Sino-German Standardization Cooperation Committee. Electric cars, energy efficient Wisdom Energy control / Wisdom Home, water supply and sewage treatment are the future areas of common concern between the two countries.

"Developed countries are the first post-industrialization information, and our country is the simultaneous development of industrialization and information. Over the years the Internet in China has a very wide range of applications, but this application is more in the consumer area, rather than in the industry "Wu Hequan said that industrial 4.0 is to require the Internet to penetrate the new technology industry.

In fact, our country has long been aware of the impact of information technology on industrial change. As early as 2002, China proposed to take the road of new industrialization.

"The so-called new road to industrialization, in fact, is the industrialization and information technology to promote each other." Huang Yanghua told reporters that this decade, the Internet technology changes huge, new road to industrialization may need to re-understanding.

Huang Yanghua told reporters that today's industrial production is the operation of the machine, the future of the machine will be equipped with intelligent equipment, products, warehouses and so on and the production of the entire chain will be embedded in intelligent equipment, through the cloud technology to all resources are connected, Data, between people and things to form an interactive, automatic correction of production problems.

In Germany, there are already big businesses starting to do so.

Public information shows that the "Industrial 4.0" strategy under the relevant research projects mainly by the German Federal Ministry of Education and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology jointly funded, only the German federal government investment in the project has reached 200 million euros. The German Fraunhofer Association will introduce the concept of industry 4.0 in its 6-7 production areas, and Siemens has begun to introduce this concept into its industrial software development and production control systems.

"China and Germany are the most important manufacturing powers in the world, and in 2008 the financial crisis, Germany's performance was so strong that everyone realized the importance of the industrial economy." Huang said China's experience is also telling China, continue to develop industry, promote the upgrading of industrialization, the country's economic development is still of great significance.

Wu Hequan told reporters that the two countries on the industrial 4.0 signed a platform for cooperation, for China at that time, it is to promote China's industrialization and information integration of the infiltration of the important initiatives for the current China's economic restructuring, structural adjustment has a special significance.

"China has been promoting the integration of information technology and industrialization, but relatively simple, if you can take the experience of Germany, we ourselves to develop, will be leapfrog." Wu Hequan said.

Cooperation is not just one of them. In the face of economic restructuring, China urgently needs the experience of the first country to promote the transformation of domestic industries, and the first countries also need to use China's huge market to promote technological revolution.

January to August this year, Sino-German bilateral trade volume has reached 117.3 billion euros, an increase of 12%. For many years, bilateral trade between Germany and China has accounted for one-third of the trade volume between the EU and China.

"The German domestic market is very small, the main support of its economy is exports, and China is precisely the largest market." Huang Yanghua said, not only that, Germany also recognized that there is competition between China and Germany in the industrial field, this competition will be more The more intense, and its so, as the two sides to strengthen cooperation, both sides are beneficial.

In accordance with the "Sino-German cooperative action plan", Sino-German industrial cooperation process 4.0 enterprises should be self-propelled. In the country, enterprises often lack of such power and aspirations, which has been criticized by the industry.

However, in the face of industry 4.0, the situation has been different. Wu He Quan told reporters that the domestic enterprises have been noted, but also to the German earlier conducted a study, has been groping to try. The future is worth the wait.

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