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Iron and steel heat treatment operation simulation, quenching simulation, induction hardening process simulation, you know what?

The scope of hot metal processing technology involves casting, plastic forming, welding and heat treatment, through which it not only to create a workpiece with the desired shape, but also to optimize the microstructure of the final product. Therefore, thermal processing plays a key role in the quality control, service life and ultimate reliability of engineering components, and its technical level currently represents the basic element of a company's competitiveness.

The advancement of a large number of research work makes the prediction accuracy of the microstructure and performance of the workpiece manufactured by the hot working process, which is mainly based on the partial differential equation of temperature, concentration, electromagnetic performance, stress, strain and other physical quantities. Before the high-performance computer is widely used, the partial differential equation analytical solution is the only way to describe these parameters. The engineering application of tissue and performance prediction is greatly limited, and the development of thermal processing technology is also dependent on experience and traditional practice. The computer predicts inherent imprecision, which hinders the improvement of material properties and the reduction in manufacturing costs.

Since the 1970s, the rapid development of computer technology has made it possible to effectively solve partial differential equations, which involve boundary conditions and initial conditions, as well as nonlinear and multivariable. Mathematical models and computer simulation technology developed rapidly. In addition to the basic theory of materials science and engineering, the complete mathematical model includes heat transfer, thermo-elasto-plastic mechanics, fluid mechanics and chemistry, which can describe the physical phenomena that occur during the hot working process. In addition, the use of the latest visualization technology can visually and vividly show the temperature, stress, strain, concentration, microstructure and fluid evolution, and then learn the role of a single process parameters. Thus, the calculations and simulations provide additional decision-making work for the optimization of the process, the design of the plant and the equipment, and the acceleration of the thermal processing technology on the basis of solid scientific computing.

Gradually introduced the basic mathematical model of thermal processing simulation so far, in some engineering applications has made great advantages. Continued research in this direction now attracts more and more attention, and it is clearly the forefront of future development, and is increasingly being studied on a global scale. The number of important research papers in this field has risen sharply in the past 30 years. Nonetheless, the existing model is considered to be highly simplified compared to the real thermal process. This means that the application of computer simulations is relatively limited so far, and it is precisely because of these simplified assumptions and the computational accuracy limitations they cause, and extensive and continuous research is still necessary.

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