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Application of CNC Induction Hardening Machine in Induction Heat Treatment
Ordinary induction hardening machine adopts traditional PLC control hardening machine mechanical action and single time control mode to induction heating of various steel parts, its efficiency is low, function is poor, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of workpiece hardening. The CNC and energy control technology of multi-functional quenching machine used in the production, stable performance, reliable quality.

Multi-function induction hardening machine structure
Complete sets of hardening equipment from the induction heating power, hardening machine, cooling system (including quench fluid cooling system and power supply, transformers, capacitors, sensors and equipment cooling system), quench system (transformers, inductors and so on) 4 parts. Multi-function induction hardening machine for the horizontal closed structure, before and after the top for clamping parts, parts are rotating motor drive rotation; heated parts, sensors, transformers composed of resonant circuit inductance branch, the inductor connected to the transformer secondary, Primary and capacitor parallel resonant circuit directly connected with the intermediate frequency power supply, which together constitute the power supply load. Power supply and the resonant circuit of the cable and the cooling transformer, the capacitor cooling pipe placed in the towline, driven by the servo motor and transformers, capacitors move back and forth together. Rotating motor is controlled by the inverter, the servo motor is driven by the servo drive, the output frequency of the intermediate frequency power supply is realized under the control of the industrial computer.

Transistor induction heating power supply

Transistor induction heating power supply

Machine tool guide rail induction hardening machine


Induction hardening machine control mode and characteristics
Hardware components
Hardware, including industrial control machines, switching components, servo power drivers, AC servo motor, inverter, AC motor. In order to effectively detect and control the quality of hardening parts, in the original thyristor power products on the basis of an increase of DC current, voltage, frequency A / D conversion template, by monitoring the power supply current, voltage and frequency values can be informed of the power output power and energy. In order to meet the requirements of the complex quenching process of the quenched parts, the D / A conversion template is added. By changing the different power requirements of the different parts of the parts, the variable function can be easily realized, the equipment can be adapted to the parts, Use range.

Software system
Through the combination of basic code, you can compile all kinds of complex shaft parts induction hardening process, through the energy curve, you can monitor the energy state of processing, through the energy control template, you can effectively check the processing of the workpiece quality. Each energy module functions are
Automatic processing module: read from the file processing code, explain and execute the code;
Energy control module: is mainly responsible for energy collection, display and energy template deviation with the function of comparison. In the process of processing, if the workpiece is in a heated state, through the A / D conversion to collect power supply voltage, current, frequency, and the sample value into the power value, the value and energy template deviation band comparison;
Template editing function: through the collected energy data curve, you can edit the upper and lower deviation zone, and the deviation as a template, or open the existing template to re-modify the editing template;
Manual control module: the module to achieve the status display (machine, power) and manual editing changes;
Fault diagnosis module: the module to achieve fault self-diagnosis and fault reasons display.

Features of multi-function induction hardening machine
Multi-function induction hardening machine features
The use of fully enclosed structure, to solve the problem of splashing water;
Can achieve hardening process energy control, hardening quality and stability;
Oscillation circuit in the transformer, capacitor one, saving significant;
Trailer servo motor drive positioning accuracy, smooth speed;
Variable power, variable speed, able to adapt to a variety of complex parts quenching needs.

CNC induction hardening machine application, changing the traditional single time control mode, so that the hardening quality and stability; trailer mobile servo CNC, positioning accuracy, speed stability; variable power, variable speed, and enhance the machine to adapt to the parts, greatly improve the parts hardening quality, energy saving effect is obvious.

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