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The Development History of Induction Heating Treatment
In 1831, Michael Faraday discovered the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction heating;
In 1868, Foucault proposed induction vortex theory;
In 1890, the Swedish technical staff invented the first induction melting furnace: slotted core furnace;
In 1916, the Americans invented a closed-core furnace, used to smelting metal;
In 1930, the former Soviet Union developed into high-frequency induction furnace;
In 1935, the former Soviet Union on the crankshaft induction hardening;
In 1940, the United States Ohio crankshaft factory to improve the wear resistance of the crankshaft, developed a crankshaft hardening machine. At present, the industrialized countries represented by the former Soviet Union and the United States have successfully applied induction heating technology to the field of heat treatment of machinery industry. Subsequently, induction hardening is widely used in automotive, railway, machine tools, bearing manufacturing and other industries;
In 1957, the United States developed as a power electronic device milestone thyristor, marking the beginning of modern power electronics technology, also led to the induction heating technology revolution;
In 1964, the thyristor used for the inverter came out;

In 1966, Switzerland and West Germany first use thyristor to develop induction heating equipment, from induction heating technology began to rapid development;



In 1969, the first 540Hz all solid state power built;
In 1972, the first 50kHz all solid state power built;
In 1973, LED diagnostic control screen for fault display;
In 1974, the cooling system of the power supply was improved and the visible discharge was replaced by a flow meter and a pressure gauge. The first pressure closed circuit cooling system was used to cool the entire induction heating equipment;
In 1978, the first efficiency of 97% of all solid-state power available;
In 1980, the industrial developed countries basically eliminated the generators and frequency multiplier;
After 1980, power electronic devices once again rapid development, MOSFET, IGBT and other devices have emerged. Induction heating equipment has gradually abandoned the thyristor, began to use these new devices. Now more commonly used are IGBTs and MOSFETs, IGBTs for higher power applications, and MOSFETs for higher frequency applications. Induction heat treatment is energy efficient, fast and clean, etc., meet the reliable (Safe), safe (Safe), saving (Saving) 3S standard, also meet the low temperature (Cool), clean (clean), quiet (Calm) 3C standard, It is easy to implement mechanization, automation operation and on-line production, and the production efficiency is high. Therefore, induction heat treatment has been widely used in the manufacturing industry.


With the expansion of the application of induction heat treatment, flame surface hardening is basically replaced by induction hardening, some parts of the gas carburizing and carbonitriding process is induced by heating heat treatment replaced in recent years, induction heat treatment has been applied to the quenching and handling of parts. The requirements of induction hardened parts from the simple increase in wear resistance to improve the quenching parts of the bending, torsion and fatigue strength. In the United States, for example, the amount of heat-treated parts in the 1970s accounted for 15% of the total heat-treated parts. By the end of the 20th century, the amount of heat-treated parts increased to 35% of the total heat-treated parts. In the 21st century, induction heating heat treatment has become the trend of industrial parts heat treatment. Induction heating equipment is widely used in machine tools, automobiles, wind power, engineering machinery, gears, textile and other industries.

Transistor induction heating power supply

China's induction heating equipment in the industrial application, started in the 20th century, 50 years, in the machine tool manufacturing, textile machine manufacturing, automotive and other industrial applications of the earliest, when the induction heating technology, the vast majority from the former Soviet Union, a small part from the Czech Republic , Belgium and other Western countries. Since the opening to the outside world, through the study abroad, imported equipment, the introduction of technology and other channels, industrial developed countries, modern induction heating technology gradually introduced in various fields of China's industry, so that induction heating heat treatment of this energy efficient, efficient, , Environmentally friendly technology is more effectively used.

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