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What is induction hardening?
Induction hardening uses electromagnetic induction in the metal workpiece to produce eddy current and the workpiece heating process.
Induction hardening technology than ordinary metal heating technology has the following advantages:
1. Metal surface high hardness, high and medium frequency induction surface hardened workpiece, the surface hardness is often higher than the ordinary quenching 2 to 3 HRC. Its metal impact toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance are greatly improved. Through the induction hardening can greatly improve the life of metal parts;
2. Metal parts of the overall heating, so the overall deformation is small;
3. Metal parts heating time is short, the surface oxidation decarbonization less;
4. Heating source in the metal surface of the workpiece, the heating speed and high efficiency;
5. Induction hardening equipment structure than ordinary metal heating equipment compact, easy to use;
6. Induction hardening machine to achieve mechanization and automation of heat treatment processing, saving labor costs;
7. Induction hardening technology in the surface hardening can also be used in the penetration of heat and chemical heat treatment.

The basic principle of induction hardening
The technical workpiece is placed in the inductor, when the inductor through the alternating current, the inductor around the current frequency with the same alternating magnetic field, in the workpiece corresponding to the induced electromotive force in the workpiece surface to form the induced current, Ie vortex. This eddy current in the workpiece under the action of the impedance, the electrical energy into heat, so that the surface temperature of the workpiece to meet the heating temperature, can achieve surface hardening.

Induction of surface hardened metal parts
1. Metal surface hardness greatly improved: the high and medium frequency induction surface hardened workpiece, the surface hardness is often higher than the ordinary 2 to 3 HRC;
2. Wear resistance: high-frequency hardening after the workpiece wear resistance than ordinary hardening;

3. Fatigue strength: high, medium frequency surface hardening fatigue strength greatly improved, the gap sensitivity decreased.

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