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China 's Induction Hardening Equipment Helps Ethiopia - Djibouti Electrified Railway Construction
October 2016 Ethiopia Djibouti electrified railway was officially opened. The railway links the Ethiopian capital capital Addis Ababa and the Red Sea Djibouti port, the railway length of more than 750 km. The maximum speed of 120 km from the capital to the port of Djibouti from the original 3 days to about 12 hours. The entire railway costs about 26 billion yuan. The construction of the whole project is supervised and implemented by the Chinese engineers. Ethiopian Prime Minister Elaine said: "This railway line will stimulate Ethiopia's economic growth, it will be the local industrial park and will be built in the future of modern farms to bring great contributions." The future Ethiopia hopes, by 2020, in China Under the local railway can be connected to Kenya, Sudan and South Sudan and other countries, and a route from the African continent to the Atlantic.

Djibouti electrified railway

The construction and construction of the entire electrified railway means that there has been an iconic result in the Chinese side. All this is inseparable from the Chinese manufacturing industry as a basis. Important train parts such as train axles are mainly round steel. To ensure that these transmission parts are operated in high load conditions for a long time, the axle material must have high strength, high impact toughness and high fatigue resistance. To enhance the characteristics of the material, need to undergo the process of hardening and tempering, that is, by hardening and tempering process heat treatment. Hardening equipment and tempering equipment in which play a vital role.

Hardening/Tempering Heat Treatment Equipment

Hardening/Tempering Heat Treatment Equipment

Hengjin Induction specializing in induction heating for more than 10 years. Its induction hardening solutions and services have been widely used in the machine tool industry, the automotive industry, wind power industry, engineering machinery, textile industry and other fields. Heng Jin induction is committed to the perfect product design, meticulous equipment manufacturing and improve after-sales service for the world's industrial industry to create a good social and economic benefits.

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