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Hengjin Induction Hardening Machine for China's Renewable Energy Development

Recently, Qinghai Energy 50MW wind power project officially started construction, the project is located in Qinghai Province Xitieshan County. Xishan Mountain is located in the Qilian Mountains, has a large number of mineral resources, more importantly, its high altitude geographical location, an average of 3,000 meters above sea level, has a unique wind resources. According to the Qinghai Energy official said the wind farm project construction a total investment of 420 million yuan, plans to stage construction, a construction plan using 25 single 2MW wind turbine.

Wind power using wind kinetic energy to promote the wind turbine power transmission part of the wind energy into mechanical energy, mechanical transmission part of the generators to promote power generation, mechanical energy and then converted to electricity. The mechanical transmission part of the traditional wind turbine consists of the main shaft, gear box, coupling and so on. These mechanical transmission parts are commonly used as alloy materials, taking into account the uncertainty of wind energy (wind size, the direction of the role of different), so the transmission parts of the strength, impact toughness, fatigue resistance has a very high demand.

Wind Turbine Cabin
Wind Turbine Cabin

Wind turbine power transmission workpiece processing step is called heat treatment, through quenching, tempering to improve the mechanical properties of metal parts, can greatly improve the strength of the workpiece, impact toughness, anti-fatigue. At the same time heat treatment process to ensure that the workpiece after finishing the smooth metal surface.

Slewing Bearing Single Gear / Rolling Element Raceway Hardening Machine

Slewing Bearing Single Gear / Rolling Element Raceway Hardening Machine


Hengjin Induction specializing in induction heating equipment for more than 10 years. Its products and services have been widely used in the machine tool industry, the automotive industry, wind power industry, engineering machinery, textile industry and other fields. In the field of new energy wind power, Hengjin accumulated years of experience, its induction heating equipment, quenching and so on successfully used in the well-known wind turbine generator parts manufacturers Wazhou Group, Luoyang Bearing Group, Tianma bearings, Dalian Heavy Industries. Heng Jin induction is committed to the perfect product design, careful equipment manufacturing and improve after-sales service for China's new energy field to create a good social and economic benefits.

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