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Induction Hardening Equipment for the Development of China's Urban Railway Construction
"13th Five-Year" period, China's urban rail transit construction will be explosive growth. According to statistics, by the end of 2015, China's urban rail transit mileage of 3528 km, 5 years ago, an overall increase of 2 times. There are a large number of urban rail projects are planning and construction. "Thirteen five" plan in the next five years, the national rail mileage will reach 8,000 km scale.

Urban Railway

China's urban rail vehicles in the past long-term dependence on imports, has been monopolized by European and American manufacturers. With the rise of China's manufacturing industry, in many cities, especially large cities, has been able to see large quantities of domestic rail vehicles in operation. To Beijing and Shanghai rail transit, for example, Beijing daily sent 9 million people, Shanghai daily sent 8 million people. Rail vehicles running every day under high load conditions, its mechanical transmission system is a great test. The mechanical transmission system of the rail vehicle is mainly composed of axle drive gear box and universal shaft. Through the induction heat treatment process (induction hardening, induction tempering and so on) can greatly improve the axle gear and universal shaft of such metal parts of the strength, impact resistance, and can improve the service life of the workpiece, making the rails mechanical transmission part of the Maintenance costs have been reduced.

Hengjin Induction specializing in induction heating equipment for more than one decade. Its products and services have been widely used in the machine tool industry, the automotive industry, wind power industry, engineering machinery, textile industry, urban rail and other fields. Hengjin is committed to the perfect product design, careful equipment manufacturing and improve after-sales service for the world and all mankind to create a good social and economic benefits.

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