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The world's largest excavator you've seen?
The Barker 293 (The Bagger 293) is the world's largest excavator ever. This incredible monster is basically used for digging operations. This construction machine is made by the German Krupp, which is 96 meters high, 225 meters long, weighing 14,200 tons, is the world's highest, largest, the most important engineering equipment. It is equipped with 20 storage boxes, each storage box can hold 15 cubic meters of material or coal ore and so on. It is surprising that its amazing excavation speed, if used to collect coal ore, it can dig 240000 cubic meters per day, enough to fill the 2,400 ordinary coal freight car. This ground giant mobile speed of up to 10 meters per minute, the total excavator power up to 16.56MW.

 The world 's largest excavator

The world 's largest excavator - Barker 293

Excavator important parts such as: axle, pin, chain section, roller, roller, guide wheel, drive wheel, etc. are made of metal steel, induction heat processing of metal parts for heat treatment, induction heat treatment process is divided into Induction hardening process and induction tempering process. Through the workpiece after the workpiece can greatly enhance the service life of the workpiece to increase the strength of the workpiece, impact resistance, wear resistance.

The induction hardening products of Shiyan Hengjin Induction,have been widely used in the machine tool industry, the automotive industry, wind power industry, engineering machinery, textile industry and other fields. In the field of construction machinery, Hengjin induction has been working with international well-known construction machinery manufacturers, such as Sany Heavy Industry, Xugong Group, Dragon Holdings, Hill pushed shares and so on. Hengjin Induction is committed to the perfect product design, meticulous equipment manufacturing and improve after-sales service for the world's industrial industry to create a good social and economic benefits.

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