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Dismantling a running 800,000 km taxi engine, the results make you amazing!
Recently, a domestic car repair company to dismantle a taxi to be scrapped in the dismantling of the engine has a surprising discovery. Through this dismantling, let us look at a driving 800,000 kilometers of the car's engine has what amazing changes.
The first is the engine of the valve room, although the car driving so many kilometers, the internal components are still intact.

engine valve
Engine Valve 

Followed by the cylinder piston, found in the piston there is a lot of carbon deposition, may be fueled when mixed with poor oil caused by the problem.

cylinder piston
Cylinder piston

Again camshaft adjustment gear, dismantling and found that the aging and wear a small degree, does not affect the normal use.

camshaft adjustment gear
Camshaft adjustment gear

By dismantling, we found that most of the mechanical metal parts in the engine were well preserved and could continue to be used. The reason for consulting the relevant depot production technology experts, experts pointed out that the metal parts using heat treatment quenching process, to strengthen its own hardening strength, impact resistance and toughness. So the driving of the 800,000 km of the car's metal parts of the engine still save a good reason.

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