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Hengjin Induction Leading Heat Treatment Industry 4.0

The concept of industry 4.0 originated in Europe and Germany, the idea is to achieve the manufacturing industry intelligent, the traditional manufacturing industry transformation into a true sense of the wisdom of the factory.

Now the influence of industry 4.0 has spread to China, as a place in the world manufacturing industry occupies a place for Chinese enterprises to face all this can greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of the concept, has now embarked on a new journey.

To heat treatment industry, for example, the traditional metal parts heat treatment process requires professional technical personnel for manual operation, the quality of finished products depends on the technical staff of the professionalism and operation skills, efficiency and heat treatment processing time is long. As a leader in China's domestic heat treatment industry, Hengjin Induction has been focused on contributing to China's heat treatment industry. Through continuous innovation and efforts, we have developed and successfully applied fully automated induction hardening machine and induction hardening equipment. Fully automated means that in the process of induction hardening of metal parts to achieve automatic workpiece loading and unloading, and through intelligent process control system, the workpiece automatically processing, to achieve unattended operation. In the replacement of the workpiece varieties, only need to set the corresponding hot process, replace the corresponding sensor can be. At the same time quenching machine tool includes perfect monitoring and protection and data logging function, the perfect realization of the thermal processing industry 4.0.

Hengjin Induction has more than 10 years experience in heat treatment industry, specializing in induction heating equipment, medium/ ultra-sonic/ high frequency induction hardening machine development, production,sales and service. Its hardening machine has been widely used in the machine tool industry, automobile industry, wind power industry, engineering machinery, textile industry and other fields. Hengjin Induction is committed to the perfect product design, meticulous equipment manufacturing and perfect after-sales service for the world's manufacturing industry to create high-end, intelligent and efficient heat treatment industry 4.0.

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