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Application of Induction Hardening Equipment in Gear / Bearing Industry
The earliest originated in the ancient Greek era, the ancient Greek famous scientist Aristotle and Archimedes both studied and manufactured gears. Gear has now been widely used in various fields, such as: automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, machine tool manufacturing. It can be said that almost all of the mechanical equipment on the existence of gear figure.

In order to ensure the service life of machinery and equipment, due to the wear of the core metal parts of the workpiece due to wear or damage caused by the failure rate of the overall mechanical equipment, the general production and processing of the gear when the heat treatment. The traditional process using carburizing hardening, induction hardening is the advanced technology in the heat treatment process. Through the electromagnetic induction in the metal parts produce eddy current and then heating, and then through the cooling, to enhance the toughness of metal parts, hardness and wear resistance, greatly enhance the service life of the workpiece. The advantages of induction hardening are better than carburizing hardening:
1. Induction hardening production rhythm fast, in a short time to complete the high efficiency of gear hardening;
2. Accurate control of the hardened layer depth by induction hardening does not produce uneven phenomena;

In the field of induction hardening has more than ten years of experience, its induction heating equipment, medium frequency/ultrasonic frequency/ high frequency hardening equipment is widely used in automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, machine tool manufacturing, wind power industry, textile industry, military and other field. In the gear of the heat treatment process, Shiyan Hengjin Induction in the industry to take the lead in the development of single gear hardening machine,large gear ring hardening machine,dual frequency gear ring hardening machine and gantry integral gear ring hardening machine.

Shiyan Hengjin Induction upholds the concept of customer first, the use of independent research and development of advanced heat treatment equipment and improve the service system, is committed to customers for customers to enhance production efficiency at the same time, to ensure that the quality of metal parts and service life.

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