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Application of Workpiece Dynamic Hardening Machine in Heat Treatment of Automobile Brake Shoe

Car brake shoe is also known as brake shoe, its role is to push out and suppress the brake drum (brake disc), which play a role in the car brake. The biggest role of the car brake shoe is to be able to successfully stop the car in a short time, to avoid unnecessary collision of vehicles, more importantly, to ensure the safety of passengers and avoid the vehicle due to the collision caused by property damage.

Brake shoes and brake discs frequent friction action, making its metal strength and service life has a high demand, which in the modern automobile manufacturing industry can not be ignored. Through the induction hardening process can be as much as possible to enhance the brake shoe metal strength, fatigue resistance and wear resistance.

Brake Shoe Induction Hardening Machine

Brake Shoe Induction Hardening Machine

Shiyan Hengjin induction for the automobile manufacturing industry specially designed and developed brake shoe induction hardening machine is widely used in automotive brake shoe parts induction hardening. The method of moving the workpiece can realize the local quenching function of the brake shoe, and the perfect control and parameter monitoring and recording system can realize the query function of the induction hardening process parameters and historical data. Unique modular layout to ensure the quality of the workpiece quenching at the same time, can be completed efficiently set the induction hardening task.

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