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The New Induction Hardening Process Will Make the Car Engine Shrink in Size
According to reports, the German KIT Institute researchers are developing a new quenching process, mainly steel surface hardening, and is expected to be the first time in the automotive engine parts to be used, and reduce the size of these parts.

With the increase in environmental awareness, in order to save the transmission of gasoline, diesel energy, while reducing vehicle pollution emissions. While keeping the original performance constant, some carmakers have been considering reducing the weight of the car by reducing the size of the car's components, and the fuel consumed by the engine will be reduced when the engine cylinder is reduced. This compact size will allow both conventional mechanical loads and thermal loads to be applied to these components, which will be a test of the hardness, toughness and service life of the reduced parts.

A team of researchers from Germany found that the induction hardening temperature was controlled at 800 to 1050 degrees Celsius and that different gas or gas mixtures were used in this quenching process to allow carbon and nitrogen in the hardened layer of steel workpieces Of the composition has increased, engaged in strengthening the hardness of steel surface. At present, this technology is being tested and is expected to be used in the future of automobile manufacturing and other machinery manufacturing.

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