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The Latest Public Heat Treatment Industry Hardening and Tempering National Standards
Industrial prosperity, manufacturing is the pillar industry of China's economy, enhance China's comprehensive national strength can not be separated from the manufacturing sector. At present, China remains the world's largest manufacturing power status. To carry out the thirteenth five-year plan, the National Standardization Technical Committee on heat treatment with reference to the State Council, Ministry of Science and Technology, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Land and Resources (2015) 52 file, heat treatment priorities to focus on research and development program. (Planned number 20151567-T-469); Second, the induction hardening and tempering of steel parts (plan number 20151569-T-469), the two sets of new materials, .

Hardening and tempering process in the field of heat treatment is a very critical process, the two processes are used in power, shipbuilding, petrochemical, metallurgical, aerospace, railway, mining and other major equipment manufacturing industry and construction of key metal parts.

In this case,  induction hardening process than the traditional hardening with heating speed, energy saving, high efficiency and so on. Digitally controlled induction hardening equipment is mechanized and automated, communicating with other processes in the upstream and downstream production lines, enabling complete automation of production and a significant increase in production efficiency.

Shiyan Hengjin Induction in the field of heat treatment, especially in the field of induction hardening industry has been the leader. Through independent research and development and re-innovation, to ensure the stability of the performance of the original induction hardening machine under the premise of the equipment into the digital capabilities to enhance the automation of hardening machine to achieve automatic loading and unloading of steel, with other production lines on-line equipment to achieve automated production. In ensuring steel surface hardness and strength to meet the technological requirements at the same time, to enhance production efficiency for customers. Its independent research and development of induction hardening equipment fully meet the requirements of the new standard for metal parts of the induction hardening and tempering.

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