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Four Fire Brothers in Metal Heat Treatment Process Industry
There are four fire brothers in metal heat treatment process industry, and they are not afraid of cold. The oldest called annealing, the second is called normalizing, the third is called quenching, the fourth called tempering.

The four brothers have any special skills? Here slowly: to change the mechanical properties of metals, metal corrosion resistance, improve processing performance, increase hardness and so on. Everyone suffering from stunts, no wonder the manufacturing industry you bigwigs to ask them four to drive the GDP of the national economy.

Four brothers grow up in a mother tire, looks like, how to distinguish it?
Heating, heat preservation, slow cooling is called annealing;
Heating, heat preservation, air cooling is called normalizing;
Heating, heat insulation, into the cooling medium (water, oil or other) is called rapid quenching cooling;

Finally cooled down, no, not over yet, and immediately sent back to heat insulation, called tempering;

Quenching and tempering the best relationship between the brothers, both who can not do without, quenching increases the surface hardness of the metal, tempering quenching to eliminate the metal stress.

Well, here, quenching and tempering grow up, the name changed to induction hardening / tempering, the two brothers also defected to a company called Shiyan Hengin Induction. Many machine tool industry, the automotive industry, wind power industry, engineering machinery, gear industry, a friend of the textile industry encountered heat treatment problems, will go to Hengjin help.

If you would like to help your friends or family in the heat treatment industry, please forward this article to them, so that Hengjin induction to help them solve their work problems. Due to exquisite design, careful induction hardening equipment manufacturing and improve after-sales service for many enterprises to create a good social and economic benefits.

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