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165 Construction Machinery,107 Hours of Life Rescue

4-5 days of rescue operations, one child named Congcong eventually failed to survive after 107 hours. Rescuers who worked hard all night, but there is no way to restore the young life, in this we sent Congcong blessing, willing to go all the way in heaven, the deceased is willing to rest.

According to the official reporting, since Congcong falling incident began, there will be various sectors of the community to aid donation, light free construction machinery such as: excavators, forklifts, dump trucks, bulldozers and other rescue vehicles dispatched 165.

Here we look at the entire life-saving in that 107 hours.
Nov 6th 11:00: Hebei Baoding Lixian Mengchang village 6-year-old Congcong followed by his father in the ground received cabbage, the accidentally fall in the dry well.
At 7:00 on Nov 7th : dry well was dug about 27 meters. Lixian County Propaganda Department of the responsible person, due to increase the difficulty of expanding mining, dry well broken more and more difficult to work, in urgent need of arm-length excavator, bulldozer.
Nov 7th 22:30: has been excavated about 30 meters. 40 excavators at the same time operations, more than 100 vehicles dumping dumping dregs, there are more than 10 excavators on standby, near the rural small dump trucks have joined the rescue.
At 8:00 on November 8: from the bottom of the well less than 9 meters. Rescue workers are erecting a diameter of 3 meters of the wall tube, start artificial excavation. As excavators continue to operate, the operation center position above the 5 cm crack, rescue workers all withdraw, rescue work is suspended.
At 9:00 on Nov 9th: Rescue program changed again, because the wells for the accumulation of wells. Taking into account before the pipe to the wall to protect the thread, to enhance the use of large resistance, the night replacement for the smooth tube wall.
Nov 9th 11:30: about 6 meters away from the bottom. Excavation surface again a crack, in order to prevent secondary disasters, at the bottom of the rescue involved in all personnel to evacuate again.
At 9:00 on Nov 9th : from the bottom about three or four meters. Rescue team, underground environment is very special, narrow wellhead, humidity, the latest program is to dig at least 2 to 3 wall tube to the end. The site has been to the well oxygen, but also with the blower to speed up air circulation.
Nov 10th 18:00: the scene again cracks, trying to rule out the danger. According to CCTV reports, Lixian official response, according to plan to continue to explore, as long as there is hope to continue to rescue, if the final confirmation of the child is not in the well, will be converted to criminal cases, the police will also be involved.
Nov 10th 21:40: well wall from the mud surface there are about 1.5 meters. Mud surface, found no children fall well, only found a child toys, family members have been taken away.
Nov 10th 23:00: the end of life and death rescue, 107 hours down the well, Congcong be health care workers from the wells hold out. Rescue workers at the scene confirmed that the boy has fallen dead.

Although the rescue operation ended in failure, but the action of the whole process is extremely gratifying. Strong contributions from all walks of life, with money and goods. We are touched by people's respect for life, but also for life is always vulnerable to the threat of distress.

Shiyan Hengjin induction also  joined into the rescue mission, its induction hardening machine production line for many on-site construction machinery rescue work for a long time escort. Shiyan Hengjin Induction is committed to excellent products and perfect after-sales service for the construction machinery building blocks, making the construction machinery in the face of difficulties and frequent operating environment, still able to have outstanding performance.

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