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Congratulations to the world's first large cross-section horseshoe-type tunneling equipment put into operation successfully
According to reports, in Jingbian County of Shan'xi Province Baicheng tunnel railway in the history of the world's first and largest large-section horseshoe shield tunneling equipment officially put into use, which is the first time in the tunnel area using the large-scale equipment for tunnel excavation . This is a milestone in the history of China's railway tunnel construction technology and heavy construction machinery and equipment development.


The whole Baicheng tunnel length of 3345 meters, the project construction of 120 kilometers per hour electrified railway tunnel. Through the pre-geological exploration, research, many expert seminar demonstration, summed up the construction of the tunnel using shield-shaped shield construction. The world's first large-section horseshoe shield machine, the machine length of 110 meters, weight 1,300 tons, 10.95 meters high shield outside the contour, width 11.9 meters, for cutting excavation by double-screw conveyor unearthed, continuous belt machine The maximum tunneling speed of 60 mm / min, can be about 200 to 300 meters per month.

The whole set of excavation equipment consists of cutting telescopic part, cutting reducer, transport belt machine, body part. The use of a large number of metal mechanical transmission components to ensure the normal use of mechanical functions, metal parts spline shaft, spline sets, output shaft, sun gear, gears, internal gear, turntable, body bracket. All of the metal mechanical components through the heat treatment process to strengthen, in order to improve fatigue strength and hardness, improve the mechanical transmission service life.

Shiyan Hengjin induction is a professional engaged in induction heat treatment process equipment solutions for high-tech enterprises, and its independent innovation and development of induction hardening machine tools to achieve the construction machinery metal mechanical parts induction hardening. Induction hardening equipment, a high degree of intelligence, with on-line communication control can achieve automated induction hardening.

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