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Differentiation and Advantages of Metal Workpiece Surface Induction Hardening and Traditional Hardening Process
Surface induction hardening refers to the surface area of the metal workpiece induction heating process, rather than for the entire metal parts of the overall hardening process. Surface induction hardening heat treatment process can be applied to gears, shafts and others. Relative to the traditional hardening process, surface induction hardening has the following advantages:

1. Time of surface induction hardening process than the overall hardening process is much shorter. Heating time in a few seconds to the workpiece heated to the specified temperature, and rapid cooling, in order to achieve the requirements of the workpiece surface hardening;

2. Precise induction hardening equipment control, can realize equipment heating energy, frequency and quench inductor for precise control. According to the hardened workpiece and the depth of the hardened layer to customize the requirements to ensure uniformity in the workpiece surface contour hardening.

The induction hardening machine, developed, designed and manufactured by Shiyan Hengjin Induction, can meet the exact requirements of quenched workpieces and can be customized to meet the requirements, whether gears, hubs or shafts. At the same time the equipment can achieve a number of quench station free combination, a quench station heat treatment processing a part at the same time, the other quench station processing other types of parts, induction hardening equipment through fully automated technology, can realize automatic workpiece induction hardening. Flexible solution to meet the workpiece induction hardening at the same time, to help customers quickly improve production efficiency.

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