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The Application of Induction Hardening Machine in Automobile Engine Crankshaft
Crankshaft is widely used in internal combustion engines, pumps, compressors, and belong to the core components, particularly in the automobile engine. Also, for a number of large crankshaft was used in the shipbuilding industry or thermal power generators.
High quality crankshaft has the following characteristics:
1. high strength and high flexibility, good fatigue resistance and wear resistance, good rigidity;
2. the torsional vibration of light weight, low noise and small;
3. high geometric accuracy and short length and low speed torsion high load carrying capacity;
To ensure the quality of the crankshaft, heat plays a vital role.

crankshaft induction hardening

Crankshaft Induction Hardening

Induction hardening equipment in the induction heating process of crankshaft rotation, using u-shaped sensor for heating. Taking into account the profile of heat treatment to ensure the crankshaft deformation to a minimum, one of the advantages of induction hardening machine significantly to heating of the crankshaft in a very short period of time, significantly reducing the swelling deformation changes in size and shape.
Compared with conventional hardening processes, constant into the induction hardening process of induction quenching/tempering system has obvious advantages.

Shiyan Hengjin Induction specializes in induction hardening of the core components in automotive industry, induction hardened machine tools used in the automotive industry-renowned manufacturers such as Dongfeng motor, jiangling automobile, great wall automobile, jianghuai automobile, Faw, etc. Meanwhile, equipment is also widely used by auto parts maker, such as: tianrun crankshaft, xiangfan LYC axis shares, and so on.

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