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What is the Function of Tempering for Steel Shaft?

What is tempering? Quenching and high temperature tempering after heat treatment called tempering. For tempering temperature is defined in the 500-650 degree between. Properties of quenched and tempered steel, materials are adjusted to a large extent, the strength, ductility and toughness are better, with good mechanical properties.

After quenching and tempering are tempered sorbite. Tempered sorbite in tempering of martensite formation, under the optical microscope magnification 500~600 times to tell them apart, the carbides in ferrite Matrix distributed (including cementite) particle composite. It is a tempering of martensite organizations, is a mixture of ferrite and carbide granular. Ferrite has been carbon-supersaturation, carbides are stable carbides. Room temperature is a balanced organization.

Quenched and tempered carbon steel quenched steel quenched and tempered steels and alloys II category, whether it is carbon steel or alloy steel, carbon content in its strict control. If the carbon content is too high, although the high intensity of the quenched workpiece after, but not enough toughness, such as the low carbon content, lack of toughness and strength. For tempering of the good overall performance, general control of carbon content in 0.30~0.50%.

When quenched, requires whole cross section through hardening the workpiece, the workpiece are dominated by fine needle-hardening martensitic microstructure. High temperature tempering, are mainly of evenly tempered sorbite microstructure.

Shiyan Hengjin Induction is professional in short rods, long bar induction hardening and tempering production line solutions. Tempering production line has hardened and tempered high speed, less oxidized skin, quenching and tempering, energy-saving advantages, and is applicable to a variety of shaft parts induction hardening and tempering treatment. The whole production line adopts PLC automatic control system of shaft workpiece feeding, heating, cooling, tempering, automatic cutting and high intelligence.

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