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Milestone of Development of Induction Heating Industry in China

Induction heating technology has been widely used in in auto, tractor and engine industries. In automotive manufacturing has more than 200 kinds of parts required the process of induction hardening, such as crankshafts, half shafts, camshafts, brake cam, steering knuckle, transmission slot guide block, valve adjustment bolts, exhaust valve head, the ball head shaw. Induction heat treatment of China's automotive industry has reached the international advanced level since recent years.

China of induction power manufacturing enterprise since 1990 generation introduced SIT (induction transistor), and IGBT (insulation gate double very type transistor) and MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) full solid transistor heating power supply, vintage of tubes high frequency power and machine type if power unit has gradually was transistor power instead of, local enterprise production of new power has can basic meet user enterprise in power and frequency requirements. Induction hardening machine with flexible, automated, intelligent direction recognition part, medium-frequency induction-heating power, automatically adjusts process parameters, display, alarm, fault diagnosis of induction quenching device, also used in the automobile industry.

Prior to 1980, in GB and metallurgy standard (YB), only 12 of the metallurgy of steel quality standards, (JB) only 8 heat treatment standards, and most is the product quality inspection standard. Since reformation, especially after the equivalent international standard guidelines, standards work, including heat treatment standards a new situation has emerged. Standardization agency designated personnel in government departments responsible for the heat treatment standardization work. Listed in the standard system of heat treatment system proposed by Amendment 94 GB, standard plans.

Between 1981 to 1985th completed 21 amendments to the standard system task. In order for standardized implementation of cross-sectoral, cross-industry management, to mobilize broader forces as soon as possible to achieve standards of modern, induction heating Bureau of standards (now replaced by State Bureau of Technical Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) decided in 1985 to establish the national standardization technology Committee of the industry.

March 1986 was set up under the auspices of the National Council consists of 30 members and advisers of the first cross-industry cross-sector of heat treatment Standardization Committee. Secretariat is located in the machine-building industry of Beijing Institute of mechanical and electrical.

1991 elections the Second Committee was set up.

In 1997 and 2001 Election Commission. Committee of main task is to national competent sector proposed this industry standardization work of approach policy recommends, developed this industry standard system table, proposed long-term planning and annual work plans, organization this industry standard project of business amendment work, review this industry GB and line standard draft, and in technology checks, is responsible for standard of publicity implement, and explained, and advisory, and proposed standard results of award recommends.

Shiyan Hengjin Induction, leading enterprise of induction heating in China, specializes in induction hardening equipment intelligent and efficient solutions, equipment is fully automated assembly equipment, including CNC induction hardening machine, IGBT high frequency power supply for induction heating, industrial cooling systems and quench transformers.

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