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Take a look, what material used in mechanical drive system on the high-speed railway trains?
We will look at the existing mechanical drive system using what kind of material on the high-speed railway trains

Wheel/Rail system,  wheel and rail must have  sufficient strength, toughness, wear resistance, but must also have a scratch-resistant, anti-stripping performance. High-speed rail differs from conventional rail, the main characteristic is the radius of curvature and high strain rate, light axle load and traction, and therefore higher requirements on the selection of rail material. For rail material, European railways have been research on steel track, such as Cr-Mo, alloy steel rail, addition to have a higher resistance to cyclic softening.

Brake system, it requires friction materials with high and stable coefficient of friction, better heat and wear resistance, high impact strength and shear strength, no abnormal wear on-ground parts and other forms of damage, brake spark less, inexpensive and lightweight. Long-term use of alloy cast iron brake discs the past, but high-speed trains require selection of thermal crack resistance of high strength alloy forged steel, alloy steel, such as Ni-Cr-Mo or Cr-Mo-V.

Shiyan Hengjin Induction specializes in induction heat treatment over more than 10 years, is a leading enterprise in the heat treatment industry, induction hardening equipment can be used in induction hardening of steel parts, high automation degree of hardening process raise the steel of strength, toughness and wear resistance, while improving process efficiency, save time and improve production efficiency.

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