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What are the functions of induction hardening?

1. Improve the wear resistance of the surface

Induction hardening was originally applied to the crankshaft neck surface, its purpose is to improve the wear resistance of the journal, before the crankshaft is quenched and tempered, induction hardening of the crankshaft neck wear resistance greatly improved.


2. Increase the fatigue strength of parts

A further application of induction hardening is to improve the fatigue strength of quenched parts, such as the automotive axle, for example, in the ± 3000N • M torsion load, fatigue test 2 million times, still intact, the original quenching process, Half axis fatigue life of less than 30 million times, such as universal joint ball pin original process for 18CrMnTi steel carburizing quenching, after switching to 45 steel induction hardening, bending fatigue life of parts from 80,000 to more than 200 million times . Crankshaft fillet induction hardening is the crankshaft fatigue strength doubled, and some products crankshaft fatigue strength larger than 700MPa.


3. Reduce distortion

Carburization gear due to a long process time, after quenching distortion; and gear induction hardening, especially synchronous dual-frequency gear hardening, process time is short, distortion is small, the gear accuracy, noise reduction.


4. Energy saving, material saving, labor saving and environmental protection

Induction hardening can be automated online production, the use of low-hardenability steel manufacturing gears and other parts, with induction hardening, it is the first steel-free alloy elements, saving material costs; induction heating is local heating quenching, time is short, This saves labor, no oil, no harmful gas emissions, more protection of the environment.


5. Instead of deep carburizing

Deep carburizing is a long cycle, power consumption of the process. In recent years, research and development has been successfully replaced by induction hardening, and achieved good results.


Induction hardening equipment, including induction heating power, quenching machine, industrial cooling systems, quenching transformers, quenching inductors, professional technical and service team can provide a complete set of systems, turnkey Engineering solutions.

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