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Induction Hardening Equipment in Gear Manufacturing-What are the advantages?

In the early Eastern Han Dynasty, in the land of China has appeared on the gear mechanical transmission system, with the development of history, the progress of human civilization, gear manufacturing has also experienced earth-shaking changes in the use of gear materials, manufacturing process requirements. Gears are the key components in mechanical transmission systems. Gears used in all aspects of the national economy, for example small gears in mechanical watches, large wind power industry to use the gear. With the rapid development of economic demand, the gear with the corresponding growth in demand, how to ensure the quality of the gear at the same time, but also greatly improve production efficiency? Induction hardening equipment can be used to achieve. 

The traditional quenching method requires several hours of heating the workpiece to achieve the required hardness. This quenching process has its shortcomings, especially when mass production gears, one is to spend a huge amount of time and energy costs. Over the past 10 years, Shiyan Hengjin Induction developed high efficient induction hardening technology, is to replace its traditional technology in the quenching method. Application of surface induction hardening, the eddy current generated by electromagnetic induction heating workpiece, in particular, can only need to harden the site for heating, while the rest of the wokpiece in the heating process without the slightest impact. This method is based on two important mechanisms, on the one hand, strictly control the vortex frequency, to ensure that only a few millimeters deep surface of the site heating. On the other hand, the heating process can be completed instantaneously, ensuring that the rest of the workpiece is unaffected. Compared with the surface hardening process, the use of induction hardening makes less bending of the material in the same condition. 

Shiyan Hengjin Induction developed gearing induction hardening equipment series specifically tailored for the gear manufacturing industry. In response to customer gear size, induction hardening process requirements, production efficiency and other factors into account, Shiyan Hengjin Induction can provide gear induction hardening perfect solution. 

Single Gear Hardening Machine is used in ring single tooth or ring gear raceway induction hardening.

Single Gear Hardening Machine 

Single Gear Hardening Machine

Large Gear Bearing Hardening Machine is used in large-scale ring gear single tooth or ring gear raceway hardening.

Large Gear Bearing Hardening Machine

Single Gear Hardening Machine

Gear Ring and Shaft Hardening Machine is used in tooth profile parts of the gear profile contour induction hardening and shaft parts induction hardening.

Gear Ring and Shaft Hardening Machine 

Gear Ring and Shaft Hardening Machine

Entire Ring Gear Hardening Machine is applied to the whole gear tooth induction hardening.

Entire Ring Gear Hardening Machine

Entire Ring Gear Hardening Machine

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