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How to Apply Induction Hardening Equipment to Heat Treatment Process of Wind Power Gear Box Gear Ring

Wind gear heat treatment process, induction hardening, quenching and tempering, carburizing and nitriding are the four basic methods. In the wind power gear box gear ring batch heat treatment often use nitriding or induction hardening process can get a higher production efficiency and lower production costs. According to standard, for the modulus greater than 16 gears are no longer recommended to use nitriding process to improve the surface hardness, modulus greater than 16 of the ring gear is recommended to apply induction hardening.

Induction hardening of wind power gear box gear ring is generally used by / teeth along the tooth groove scanning technology for induction hardening.

Gear ring induction hardened with a inductor structure design and manufacture of reasonable inductors, with precise control of the process parameters, can produce high quality, stable induction hardened gear ring. The applications  of Shiyan Hengjin induction hardening equipment in the ring gear induction hardening have been very mature, can be processed along the depth of the alveolar layer uniform, fine organization, the depth to meet the design requirements of the parts.

Need to be designed according to induction hardening process parameters for selection:

(1) The current frequency is calculated from the induced current penetration depth. For the number of millimeters of the inner gear ring deep process requirements, the use of medium frequency induction heating power supply.

(2) The gap between the inductor and the parts determined by the process test.

(3) Heating power and scanning speed determined by the process test. The scanning speed affects the production efficiency, and the heating power affects the cracking risk. To consider the various factors and select the most appropriate parameters.

(4) Heating - quenching interval affect the risk of cracking parts. By adjusting the relevant agencies and scanning speed to control.

Induction hardening quality control is to ensure the stability of product quality, in the batch heat treatment, the part quality control plan mainly includes the following points:

(1) Precision machine control.  As a result of the use / by teeth along the tooth groove scanning technology for induction hardening, solid process on the accuracy of the machine itself has a higher requirement. The current mainstream approach is to use the inductor with adjustable position between the guide body for precise positioning. This mechanism with the machine tool floating device can compensate for the lack of part of the accuracy of the machine to complete the process on the inductor and parts clearance control accuracy requirements.

(2) Inductor control wind power gear ring induction coil hardening quality largely depends on the design of the pros and cons of the inductor. A well-designed inductors, heating parts of their own high efficiency, power distribution in the alveolar surface reasonable, long life, the probability of occurrence of abnormal low. The use of the inductor does not meet the above characteristics will increase the quality of induction hardening process control risk and reduce the yield, which indirectly increases the cost of the product. Therefore, inductor design quality control in the induction hardening quality control system is particularly important.

(3) Quenching liquid parameter control. Quenching liquid may occur mainly in two categories: one is its cooling performance changes, and the other is its anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties such as changes. In the cost of permit conditions, the need for regular replacement of a quenching liquid, thus eliminating the aging of the quenching liquid and other issues caused by mass quality accidents.

(4) Part of the state control.  As induction hardening using induction current for heating, and induction current distribution in the workpiece surface state of the workpiece surface has a high sensitivity. The requirements of induction hardening on the surface of the workpiece are higher than other heat treatment methods. To determine the tooth profile of the gear ring, the production of the main consideration of the sharp effect of induced current on its impact.

The advantages of induction hardening technology used in the wind power gear ring, not only with high production efficiency, energy conservation, environmental pollution and easy to automate induction hardening common advantages, but also has the following characteristics:

(1) Compared to nitriding, the substrate hardness and organizational requirements can be appropriately relaxed.

(2) Compared to carburizing quenching, the workpiece is not the overall heating, deformation is small, so the corresponding grinding is small, the design can reduce the amount of mold release, and the subsequent production and processing costs lower.

(3) Mass production delivery time is short, to meet customer needs.

(4) To facilitate the mechanization and automation, compact, easy to use.


Shiyan Hengjin induction can provide all aspects of wind power industry gear ring induction hardening solutions, and its technology is mature and widely used. Not only heat treatment process to meet the requirements at the same time, but also to achieve bulk heat treatment of parts to shorten the production cycle of the workpiece to improve production efficiency.

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