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The Principles,Technical Advantages and Components of Shiyan Hengjin Induction Heating Power Supply
There are three types of induction heating power, SCR power, Mosfet power and IGBT transistor induction heating power supply. SCR power and Mosfet Power supply can not achieve high frequency. Compared to the first two, IGBT transistor power supply combined with its advantages, frequency and power can be set to high level, IGBT can achieve 150kHz 1500kW level, and this power is very energy efficient with superior performance.
IGBT high-frequency power supply using German technology, simple circuit, high control accuracy, easy operation, high reliability. Its working principle is: 50Hz three-phase power frequency by the rectifier, filter, inverter for the 1-3kHZ the frequency current, through the compensation capacitor and quenching transformer composed of parallel resonant circuit to the inductor, the use of electromagnetic induction of the eddy current. The principle of the parts placed in the inductor to the purpose of heating and hardening.

The device with the industry compared t

o other manufacturers, has the following salient features:

1) Control mode from Europe, the standard 19 "control chassis.
2) Water and electricity separation, water leakage will not wet electrical components.
3) Maintenance of open space, easy maintenance.
4) Digital display instrument, accurate and intuitive readings.
5) Performance is particularly good, the device in the 1-3kHZ band can work at any frequency, without the need for any adjustment of the power supply.
6) Adjust the quenching process is particularly simple, as long as the adjustment of the transformer turns ratio and capacitor tap can be, without electrical engineers to the scene.
7) As the equipment has a wide range of applicability, so for different types, different types of workpiece specifications of the device can cope.
8) The power output with flexible flexible cable connection, than the rigid connection, water-cooled cable connection has greater flexibility and energy saving effect.
9) The main power devices (rectifier module, IGBT module, fast recovery diodes, power absorption resistors, capacitors, etc.) all imported parts.
10) All waterways are equipped with temperature NTC sensor, the protection temperature can be adjusted according to the different temperature difference.

11) Water pipe with copper or stainless steel, water branch with quick-change screw-type crimp joints, water pipes imported from Sweden.

Power Supply Part

Power supply part of the power directly from the three-phase 380V AC frequency through the main circuit isolation switch to the rectifier part of the frequency power grid isolation, rectifier input terminal has three fast-fuse, used to protect the rectifier part of the thyristor module.

Rectifying part

Rectifier part, also known as rectifier, it will be three-phase 380V AC frequency conversion to DC, DC voltage SCR size by the trigger angle to control, by adjusting the SCR conduction angle, can continuously adjust the size of the output voltage, which Control power output power. When the equipment failure or normal shutdown, so that the rectifier work quickly in the inverter state, the reactor in the energy quickly fed back to the grid. To increase the impact of equipment margin, especially with SKKT330 / 12E rectifier module, the device's long-term reliability greatly enhanced.
Connected between the rectifier and the inverter, from the flat-wave, current limiting, energy storage, blocking role. Using high-silicon steel Seiko production, so that moisture-resistant core moisture, magnetic leakage small, low dry sound. High-purity copper coil winding system, three layers of insulation protection, greatly improving the long-term reliability of the reactor. At the same time with water temperature protection, protection temperature 55 ℃.
Inverter part

Inverter part, also known as the IGBT transistor module by the bridge inverter circuit, by controlling the inverter trigger pulse bridge circuit IGBT transistor turns on, the DC into the required frequency of single-phase AC. The compact inlet power module installed in the cooling water through the copper plate, with a high power to volume ratio. IGBT drive board, drive power board are used plug structure, easy maintenance and repair. IGBT transistor modules and power diode protection absorption as much as possible to do the integration, so that the components connected to the shortest possible, greatly reducing the lead inductance, reducing the impact of the voltage on the power device damage.

IGBT transistor induction heating power supply

IGBT Transistor Induction Heating Power Supply

Introduction Video about IGBT Induction Heating Power Supply:

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