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Success Stories

Jiangsu Heat Treatment Comany-Hengjin Hardening Machine Customer Case
Project Location: Jiangsu Province
Equipment Name: Multi-Station Vertical Induction Hardening Machine

Multi-Station Vertical Induction Hardening Machine
Multi-Station Vertical Induction Hardening Machine
Customer Background:
Jiangsu heat treatment company is a company with many years of experience in the heat treatment of metal parts of the company, the heat treatment of the workpiece can cover all types, such as: shaft, disk, gear ring gear.
The heat treatment specialization services include: carburizing hardening, carbonitriding, isothermal hardening, (high frequency, intermediate frequency, super sonic) induction hardening and so on.
Hengjin Advantages:
Hengjin Induction based on the customer needs a variety of workpiece heat treatment conditions, tailored induction hardening solution, to provide customers with multi-station induction hardening machine tools to achieve the workpiece batch induction hardening for customers to reduce investment costs, and strive to save money for customers.

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