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Success Stories

LongKing Holdings Limited.-Hengjin Induction Hardening Machine Success Stories
Equipment Name: Idler Induction Hardening Equipment

Client Background:
LongKing Holdings Limited (referred to as LongKing), is one of the famous engineering machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises in China. Products covered: loaders, excavators, forklifts, road machinery, and so on. Dragon loader market share in China to keep the first, grab market share third.

Shiyan Hengjin Advantages:
Idlers are used widely in construction machinery and equipment such as bulldozers or excavators, its role it to take mechanical engineering track-oriented position. Taking into account the characteristics of work condition and life cycle, so will need to surface induction-hardening process. Shiyan Hengjin Idler induction hardening equipment can be achieved on the idler clamping following hardening, equipment can choose automated multi-station line, can be usedwith production equipment and raw materials online, automated production.

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