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Decade Celebration

Induction Hardening Equipment Supplier - Hengjin Induction Technology Decade Celebration

Ladies and gentlemen, 
Years of songs. Looking back, HengJin technology has gone through a decade. This decade, is the decade of the trials and hardships; This decade, we continue to innovate beyond the decade; This decade, all of you and friends from all walks of life work together to work together for ten years. Here, please allow me on behalf of HengJin Technology Co., Ltd. to extend our most sincere thanks! At the same time, in this old and new occasion, take this opportunity to wish you new happy new year, work smoothly, family fun, all the best!
The customer is the God. Because of your needs and confusion, we have the value of existence. Thank the customer to give us the opportunity to achieve their dreams. Thanks to customers never abandon the dependence and choice, thank Witkey and we all the way to grow. For better service to customers, we will wholeheartedly study, diligently seek to create a better internal and external environment, the production of more high-quality products to return customers for many years we have the same support and love.
The staff is the land. Because of you, companies have a solid foundation. You use diligent hands and wisdom of the brain, the achievements of the constant leadership in the industry. Here, you left your hard diving and happy tears; Here, I acting Hengjin company to everyone bowed deeply. Thank you for your dedication and thanks for your efforts. Hengjin will never forget you.
Today we are here to hold the tenth anniversary of the appreciation will be to establish and commend a group of hard to pay, the courage to fight and dare to innovate in the constant and pacesetter. National "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" proposed to "narrow the gap between rich and poor", Heng Jin will provide a greater platform, we work together to develop a mechanism for the constant people, so that more capable, willing to pay, loyalty to constant Into the long-term "bundled" development of people first get rich, and finally to achieve the "constant into the" common prosperity.
The customer is the day, the staff is the land. With heaven and earth, we can do the best. We want to survive and develop better. But we can not do without a good environment. Thanks to all levels of government and leadership to create a favorable environment for us.
2011, Heng Jin has been the strategic start to expand the scale of production, fixed investment of nearly 10 million yuan, such as: new plant covers 5,000 square meters, but also increased the advanced equipment, increase the job post, do their best for the Shiyan City economy and society Development, contribute to their own strength. In the new year, we will make persistent efforts to innovate and make new and greater contributions.
In the 21st century, the competition of enterprises is not only the competition between enterprises and enterprises, but the competition of the whole enterprise chain. The unique woods and the trees are competing in the future. Hengjin will hold up with the suppliers' friends. Large "ecological environment", and domestic and foreign enterprises to compete. And then some thanks to the support of friends friends!
Thanksgiving is the cornerstone of success; let us together Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving around everyone, 2012 must be different shine, because there is gratitude and love!

Thank you!
January 11, 2012

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