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Enginnering Machinery

Track Roller and Carrier Roller Waste Heat Hardening Machine

This induction hardening equipment is suitable for track roller/ carrier roller waste heat induction hardening. It is equipped with special technical parameters management system, which can record the heating and quenching parameters of each work-piece precisely. The visual flow monitoring system and the perfect protection system make the machine have good induction hardening quality stability, and the integrated / modular layout saves the land area occupied and improves the processing efficiency, which is five times higher than the traditional equipment.


1. It’s suitable for track roller and carrier roller induction hardening.

2. The machine adopts robots for automatic loading and unloading.

3. The machine has 6 stations, and the work-piece rotation adopts AC servo motor driven.

4. The water sprayer and the work-piece fixture both adopt quick change interface, which is easy to replace and adjust.

5. The machine has the function of screening the unqualified products.

6. The equipment has processing parameters detection and recording systems for quenched work pieces, and the data can be saved into disc or printed out in the form of excel table.

7. It has flow display and flow monitoring protection function.

8. It adopts SIEMENS control system, and all processing parameters of the equipment (cooling time, cooling flow, stability before quenching, temperature after quenching, etc.) can be input by a special screen, and it can also save multiple technologies.

9. Heating and quenching speed: 25-30s per work piece

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