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Enginnering Machinery

Chain Rail Hardening / Tempering Machine

chain rail induction hardening machine


1. It is suitable for engineering machinery chain rail induction hardening and tempering.

2. The machine adopts horizontal structure multi-station automatic processing method, which can achieve continuous automatic processing.

3. The device adopts manipulator automatic loading, which can be connected with the double milling machine of users.

4. The new type heating transformer can effectively reduce the load loss and increase the processing efficiency.

5. The temperature and flow of the quenching liquid can be automatic controlled.

6. Stainless steel panel protection, toughened glass observation windows, beautiful appearance and convenient for repair and adjustment.

7. The perfect fault tolerant protection function effectively improves the reliability of the equipment running rhythm, and it is easy to operate.

8. The control system has the function of process parameters monitoring and recording. The processing parameters of the product can be traced back.

9. It can adopt manipulator automatic loading and unloading and double milling machine tool to realize joint production, or truss manipulator and double milling machine to realize unmanned production.

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