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Enginnering Machinery

Large Shaft Hardening Machine

Large Shaft Hardening Machine

This series induction hardening machine is mainly suitable for large shaft parts and disc parts induction hardening, including continuous scanning, sectional scanning and sectional integral heating and quenching. For shaft parts and disc parts, independent rotating tables are optional to achieve the rotating and indexing of the parts. Work-piece loading and unloading auxiliary protection mechanism is optional to ensure good safety protection. It adopts CNC control system and the special parameter management monitoring recording system is optional to realize the function of process parameters recording and historical data inquiring. It is equipped with digital IGBT transistor induction heating generator, which has perfect protection function and stable and reliable performance. It can finish the induction quenching task of various parts efficiently.


1. Humanized design.

2. High strength welded bed (casted lathe bed and working table can be provided according to the customers’ requests).

3. Stainless steel (aerodynamic/manual, double/single) spring centre.

4. Adjustable turn ratio HKM series energy-saving heating transformer.

5. Fully imported ball screw.

6. Electrical contact water pressure protection, flow protection, temperature protection.

7. Rotary operation cabinet.

8. Work-piece clamping length electrical adjustment; the transformer front-rear adjustment can be carried out electrically.

9. Acoustic/optical fault alarm.

10. Water Cycling adopts fast-changing coupler.

11. Rotation control mode: Inverter/stepping motor/AC servo motor.

12. Electrical control system: PLC/touch screen+ PLC/808D/828D/840D.

13. Work-piece/transformer moving motor: Speed reduction motor/stepping motor/AC servo motor.

14. Work-piece moving or induction coil moving guide rail: Steel plated guide rail/rectangular linear guide rail.

15. Work station number: 1-3.

16. Process parameter monitoring system is optional, which has the function of process parameters recording, inquiring and printing.

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