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Enginnering Machinery

Pin Shaft Automatic Hardening Machine

Pin Shaft Hardening Machine    

This induction hardening machine is suitable for engineering machinery caterpillar pin shafts induction hardening, which can realize the pin shafts outer surface scanning heating and quenching. The machine adopts horizontal type, and it is composed of loading bunker, feeding conveyor chain, roller assembly, transformer assembly, unloading device, control system, etc. It replaces traditionally vertical or horizontal induction hardening machine, which truly realizes the unmanned production. It can be connected with the last procedure automatically to realize the unmanned production.


1. It is suitable for continuous scanning heating and quenching of caterpillar pin shafts parts.

2. The heating speed is adjustable.

3. The equipment is equipped with fully automatic loading and unloading device.

4. The workpiece rotation adopts variable frequency velocity control.

5. The inductor and the water sprayer both adopt water-electricity fast-changing coupler, easy to replace and adjust.

6. It adopts new energy-saving heating transformer.

7. It adopts SIEMENS S7200/300 control system, all the processing parameters of the equipment (power, time, flow, speed, temperature, etc.) can be input through the special parameter screen, and it can save many kinds of quenching technology.

8. It has the function of technical parameters monitoring, recording, outputting, and printing.

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