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Automotive Workpiece

Constant Velocity Joint Housing Hardening/Tempering Equipment

Constant Velocity Joint Housing Hardening

The machine exclusively used for the induction hardening and tempering of housing of constant-velocity universal joints parts. The machine adopts intelligent CNC system centralized control. The work-piece moving material, grabbing, and positioning in the process of loading, unloading and processing are completed by the manipulator. The equipment is equipped with 2 induction hardening stations and 1 tempering station, which can complete the spline and inner cavity hardening and tempering. The inner cavity hardening can achieve integral or continuous scanning induction hardening. The heating power adopts the international advanced transistor solid-state power with full digital control technology, which has perfect protection function and digital parameter setting and display screen. The special process parameters management monitoring system can record all data of the monitoring system in a real time, and have the function of historical data query. The optional online laser printing function and online nondestructive testing system are available for the equipment. The equipment has high intelligence and processing efficiency.


1. Machine bed: section steel welding/casting.

2. Transmission: precision ball screw/gear rack.

3. Induction Heating load: adjustable turn ratio HKM series energy-saving heating transformer.

4. Mechanical guide rail: linear guide rail.

5. Inductor position motor: AC servo motor.

6. Inductor two-dimensional movement: servo motor drive.

7. Induction hardening method: local integral/continuous scanning induction heating and spray cooling.

8. Protection: water pressure protection/flow protection/air pressure protection/photoelectric safety protection.

9. Control cabinet: rotary operation cabinet/integral control cabinet.

10. Alarm: acoustic /optical fault alarm displayed and recorded in control interface.

11. Inductor and spray cooling interface: stainless/brass fast-changing coupler, water- electricity fast-changing structure.

12. Electronic control system: touch screen +PLC/828D/840DSL.

13. The number of work stations: 4.

14. Cooling type: closed air cooling circulation system/industrial cooling chiller + internal circulation cooling system.

15. Process parameter monitoring system: all processing parameters (power, time, quenching liquid flow, quenching speed, heating temperature and so on) can be input or displayed and saved by special parameter picture. It has the functions of process parameters record, inquiry and printing.

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